Bill Aulet is a long time practicing entrepreneur and an instructor at MIT, one of the most rigorous institutions in the world. He has both created hundreds of millions of dollars of market value leading entrepreneurial ventures and also taught thousands of entrepreneurs in the past decade.


It is an integrated, comprehensive and proven framework for developing the product to launch a new venture. While each new startup is unique in many ways, the process for starting them can be accelerated through this rigorous framework that also allows for individuality and variability in the outcome.


The author was unable to find a book to teach his classes at MIT and began to put together the material into a reader.  He assembled the practical and yet rigorous information to pull together the various elements into the book he wished he had when he first became an full time entrepreneur 20 years ago. 

What People Are Saying About The Book

Mitch Kapor
Founder, Lotus Development Corporation

"Entrepreneurship is not only a mindset but a skill set. The 24 Steps presents a practical step-by-step process to channel the creative spirit to maximize the chances of success and ultimate impact."

Joi Ito
Director, MIT Media Lab

“Bill and I have had many discussions about entrepreneurship and I really respect his perspective on the topic. While the spirit of entrepreneurship is often about serendipity, the execution is not. This book takes you through a systematic approach to significantly increase your odds of succeeding in making a world changing and sustainable company. I loved the content and the simple nature of the book.”

Brian Halligan
Co-Founder & CEO, Hubspot and author of Inbound Marketing

“Invaluable. This book superbly summarizes the lessons taught to us at MIT. It is the book I wish I had when we were launching HubSpot 6 years ago."

Brad Feld
Managing Director of the Foundry Group, Co-Founder of TechStars, and Creator of the Startup Revolution book series

“While I am not a big fan of business plans, I am a big fan of the business planning process. This book provides an invaluable comprehensive framework for innovation-driven entrepreneurs to execute the business planning process.“

Doug Leone
Managing Partner, Sequoia Capital

"According to conventional wisdom, entrepreneurship is solely an innate trait. Nothing could be further from the truth. Entrepreneurship is a learned skill which can be honed through crisp execution. This book can help every entrepreneur dramatically increase the likelihood of success by providing step-by-step guidance on how to approach starting a new business. I recommend it to all ambitious entrepreneurs."

Frederic Kerrest
Co-Founder, Okta

"This is the book I wish I'd had when I was starting out - concise, great examples, in plain English, combining classic entrepreneurship theory with what's happening in today's startup world. If you're a serious entrepreneur, read it carefully and keep it close at hand for the journey ahead. Like Bill, this book rocks!"

David Skok
Partner, Matrix Partners

“Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly scientific each day as the body of knowledge and research grows. This book is a valuable addition in that it provides an end to end guide to the product marketing process across multiple industries. It is what you would expect from MIT.”

Tom Byers
Entrepreneurship Professorship endowed chair in the Stanford School of Engineering; Faculty Director, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

“Training our young engineers to be entrepreneurs is an imperative for the future and this book will help in that regard. It provides a roadmap for getting the product-market fit as tight as possible. There are many considerations in this process and this book captures them well and provides practical guidance on how to resolve them.”

Julia Hu
Founder and CEO of Lark Technologies

“As an intuitive entrepreneur, I prefer less structure. That being said, after having worked through the steps in this book to launch Lark, I realize that some structure is very valuable. This book provides enough guidance to help you succeed but not too much to stifle creativity. It is a must have for entrepreneurs to read the first time but also as a reference.”

Paul Maeder
Founding Partner of Highland Capital

“Ideas are a dime a dozen but great entrepreneurs are what create value. They have to be passionate and skilled. Maybe passion can’t be taught but execution skills can and this book does a wonderful job providing a structure and wisdom on each step to help entrepreneurs be more successful. I highly recommend it.”

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